Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to: Shop for School Supplies

Hey ladies! Here's a quick school supply shopping blog for you. Hopefully my power won't go out in the middle of writing this. Hurricane Irene is in full blast over here!

So, to start off, my first tip is to get some shopping done early. I am going to be a senior in high school. My school doesn't send out school supply lists, but the teachers will give out lists when the year begins. So, I don't find out anything that is required until the first few days of school. However, I always like to get the basic school supply shopping done before the rush starts. This way, the cute stuff isn't picked over!

Here's a tip, if you get a look at your schedule before the school year begins, check to see if you have any teachers that you've had before. If you do, you probably already know what they require. For example, I have the same teacher for Anatomy 2 that I had for Anatomy 1, so I know what I need.

Other than that, here are some things that you will, without a doubt, need (or, just really want, if you're me..)
-a pencil case (if you can't find any cute ones, check the makeup bag section!)
-pens (know your tendencies. if you happen to lose a lot of things, get the cheap pens. if not, you can probably get away with getting more expensive, more comfortable pens. or just the pretty colors)
-pencils (STOCK UP, get the led, too.)
-index cards (these were a lifesaver in A&P and med terminology)
-planner/ agenda (i cannot stress this enough! this is probably the most important thing you'll need!)
-flash drive (if you don't already have one)
-at least one folder
-post its & post it flags
-white out (if you use pens a lot)
-book socks
-loose leaf paper

All of the things mentioned above will not go to waste. I like to go shopping twice. I do this shopping when the stores are still stocked up and have a good selection. I usually shop around and try to find the best deals. Then, when I get the lists from my teachers, I head out to get binders and notebooks and whatnot.

Here's a quick peak at the stuff I bought already (it's unpackaged, because I have bought this stuff sporadically since July)

Cutest Flashdrive. Ever.

Here's most of my supplies. I forgot to put my post its and post it flags in.

Here's most of the pens and pencils I have for school, I just put in one of each type.

Pencil cases. Yeah, I bought three... I'm so indecisive!

Annnnnnd, index card maniaaaaa!

A couple of tips from my experience:
-If you take a lot of notes, or have to do a lot of hand writing, invest in some quality pens or pencils. I usually take my notes in pen, and I prefer to have colored pens with some type of grip. The colors help me focus when I am studying and recopying my notes. And, I prefer them to be comfy because there are some days when we take notes for 80 minutes straight.
-Use supplies that are aesthetically pleasing, I find that it helps me stay interested.
-Index cards are your friend.
-Stock up while the sales are good.

Happy school shopping!

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