Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty Inspiration of the Week

On this blog, every Tuesday is Beauty Inspiration day. BOTB chooses one beautiful and inspirational girl to feature. Girls of any age, shape, and size are eligible! Any girl is eligible, famous or not.

Our inaugural beauty inspiration is the one and only Taylor Swift.

What makes her beautiful?

Taylor Swift is a name everyone knows. Her songs have touched and helped millions of people across the globe. She is a simple beauty, but with a twist. Taylor has a different type of look than most girls. Her style is unique and inspiring, and, no pun intended- fearless.

Taylor told People magazine, "I love makeup. When I go on stage, I get to play with my look and try on all kinds of different colors--try red lips tonight, purple eyeshadowtomorrow. You get to play around with all these different characters, and I think that's one of my favorite things about makeup--you can put on a new character." Taylor's love for makeup, and of course her fame, landed her a spot as the face of Covergirl Cosmetics. 

Taylor Swift is known for quite a few signature looks, which are her cat eye, her curly blonde locks, and, of course, her bold red lips. However, Taylor is more than the looks. What really makes her beautiful is the way she expresses herself, which is her music. Her true emotions shine through in her songs. She admits to her flaws and pours her heart and soul out for the world to see, or should I say, hear. 

Look out for a Taylor Swift inspired look, coming soon!

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